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At Haverhill Title Cash, we value transparency and making sure our customers know all laws governing Florida title loans. We are licensed to do business in the state of Florida and strive to make sure all customers are also in compliance with state and local codes. If you have questions about whether you're eligible for car title loans or if you meet the income requirements, surely feel free to call us.

Secured lending options

Secured loans are usually a much easier way to obtain funding than unsecured loans because these loans are protected by collateral you offer the lender. In many cases that collateral could be a deposit like what you offer for a secured credit card, or you might put an item in storage like you do with a pawn shop loan. Our secured loans are car title loans West Palm Beach, FL which use the title of a vehicle to procure funding. The benefit of these loans is you can borrow cash against the vehicle while still being able to keep and drive it.

Unlike some bank loans that only give you a line of credit you can use and restrict how and where you can use it, we do deposit or lend cash through our car title loans West Palm Beach that can be spent in any manner you want. All we need is your knowledge of how our loans work and your agreement to repay them as scheduled.

Receiving your funds

Making sure you have your vehicle's title and it's clear is always the first step to getting your title loan funds, but there are a few more things you'll need to have with you when you apply. You must be 18 or older, live in Florida and show that your income is enough to repay your title loan. You should have the following ready for when you apply:

  • A photo ID such as a driver's license, passport, military ID or other that is government-issued
  • A document such as a paycheck or stub, bank statement, tax form or other that has your financials listed
  • Your vehicle title certificate

You can get your online title loan quote by going on our website and typing all the information about your vehicle in the fields. You're not required to do this, but it will allow us to get a hold of you and get some other information that can make your visit to our store go quicker and have access to your funds even sooner.

Secured lending options

What our car title loans depend on is the make, model, age and condition of the vehicle they're being borrowed against. What we'll need to do first is run an appraisal on that vehicle and see what it could currently sell for in good condition. We do have to conduct an inspection at our Haverhill Title Cash store just to make sure that the vehicle is good enough condition for a title loan, but usually the initial quote will be fairly close to what the final loan amount is.

Probably the biggest roadblock to getting one of our car title loans West Palm Beach is not having the right title in your possession. The title to the vehicle should be clear, which means it should not show that you still have outstanding car payments, owe mechanics or towing companies any money or have a claim on it by the IRS or someone else. Some liens are not listed on the title copy itself, so you should always check the DMV database to make sure you haven't incurred any on your title. If there are any liens listed, you'll need to go to the party that put the lien on your vehicle, get any obligations you have to them straightened out and then go to the DMV to get a clear title sent to you.

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Our company Haverhill Title Cash can secure funding for you with very little requirements and help you get the cash from that funding almost instantly.